Day 31: It's Chilly Tonight

Day 30: Baby Jail Bird

We put Moses in his Pack n Play. He is into everything now! I'm not a fan of baby jail, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

The first two are straight out of the camera, but I added a slight vignette.

This one I softened a little. I'm not sure how I feel about this picture. Suggestions?

Straight out of the camera with vignette. I sort of wish I hadn't cut off his other eye. It's impossible to keep this kid still.

Bonus: These are some of Moses sleeping in the car yesterday. They're all SOOC with vignette, except the one that I converted to black and white.

Day 29: King of Hearts

Today we took some Valentines Day pictures for Moses' baby book and for some cards to send to the grandparents. We FINALLY got some that we can actually use!

Edit: I don't know how I feel about the really desaturated ones. I like the muted background and it gets rid of the colour cast, but I'm not crazy about the background still having colour while Moses looks kinda grey. . .

Day 28: Sticky Situation

I took pictures of sticky notes. Fascinating, I know.

Day 27: Angle Experiment

His one eye is a little soft, but I love his expression. I also chopped his fingers which is a no no, but oh well.

Love his wrinkled nose!

Upside-down and cross-processed.

This may be a compositional nightmare, but my blog, my rules.

Not a technically great photo, but they love each other.

Day 26: Only begotten son

It's 3:14. My husband was due back 14 minutes ago. If the fact that I am counting the minutes doesn't say what kind of day this has been, then maybe this will:

If he does not walk through that door in a matter of seconds, he is going to return home to find that his only begotten son has been sent to live at the zoo.

Don't let this innocent face fool you. He's definitely zoo-worthy.

Day 25: Rainy days, foggy nights

Day 24: Walk On

Day 23: Valentines Day Photoshoot FAIL

This is what will happen when you try to take Valentines Day photos with a hyperactive baby boy:

He won't sit still.

He will rip the background off the wall.

He will roll over when you want him to sit up.

He will cry when you don't let him eat the camera.

He will cover his face with what is supposed to be the prop.

And then he'll get exhausted and refuse to be a part of anymore pictures.

. . .He'll also think the entire thing is hilarious.

Day 22: Hard Day's Night

Calin, after doing the early morning shift. I know it's "hot" and blown out, but it captures the mood.

Day 21: Fill the frame

I love this picture, but I'd love it even more if there wasn't a patch of light on his head. It's so hard to keep him still and catch him when he's at the perfect spot AND with the perfect expression. I love his smile, though!

I unfortunately cropped too close to the cheek with this one.I love his expression and the light on his lashes, but I wish I'd left room for him to look into. Rookie mistake.

I left room for him to look into in this one! The whites of his eyes are a tad grey, but it doesn't bother me that much. I think this is the first picture I've taken where I can clearly notice the little freckle on his shoulder. It's his only one.

His eyes are beautiful.

I'm not sure what that purple splotch on his head is, but when I try to crop it out I lose some of his cheek and we can't have that. I decided to just keep the splotch.

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