Day 210 and 211

Moses got a new basketball hoop:

Chilling under the computer desk:

365 Catch Up

Some recent unedited snapshots:

He likes putting his hand into Calin's pockets to see what's inside.

Raspberries from the community garden.

Using his musical table as a walker. This one needs some brightening to make it pop.

He likes sitting in mommy's chair. Ditto on the brightening.

Lately he's been trying to get inside things. Like this storage container.

Climbing out of things is fun too.

Using his actual walker.

I edited the above one.

Caught looking out the window at Daddy.

Fix-It Friday


Edit 1:

I opened this photo in Adobe camera raw and did some tweaking to the exposure and used the recovery slider to try to bring back some of the detail to the white dress. Then I opened it in Elements, adjusted the levels and cropped it. I used the patch tool to get rid of the ugly wire fence in the background, and I adjusted the contrast and shadows.

Edit 2:

I took the edits from the first one, plus blended a few actions to give it this effect. I used the Pioneer Woman's colorized action and blended it with Coffeeshop's Heartland action. I modified both actions quite a bit.

Edit 3:

For this black and white, I used the Pioneer Woman's black and white action, created a duplicate layer, changed the blending mode to hard-light and lowered the opacity to 60 percent, then flattened.

Cake Smash (Day 199)

So. I thought that I would do a formal, outdoor cakesmash. My plan was to hunt down an antique, wooden high chair and use the backdrop of trees behind our house. However, I couldn't find said high chair, regardless of how many antique shops, thrift stores, and garage sales I looked at. Unfortunately Moses is just way too active for me to just plop him on the ground on a blanket for a cake smash. He would just crawl away. So I decided that I wouldn't do the photos after all.

But we were at my parents house the other day, having family cake/singing happy birthday to Moses and I (for the third time), and I decided, what the heck? They have a (ugly plastic) booster seat there for him. They have a backyard. Why not?

The pictures did not turn out nearly as well as I would have wanted them to. First off, the backdrop wasn't stellar. No trees, just other people's houses and a chain link fence. Nice. And Moses didn't smile a whole lot. The icing on the cake though (haha) is the hideous colour cast from the yellow booster seat.

Also, I wasn't planning on taking any outdoor photos, so I didn't bring my telephoto lens, which means I didn't get the nice bokeh I'm accostumed too.

Oh, well. You win some you lose some. Without further ado. . .

Day 198: Stroller Nap

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon. Moses fell asleep in the stroller.

Day 197: Fix-it Friday

Fix-it Friday:

My Edits:


Black and White (tinted). This is actually my favourite of the three.

Steps: I opened each of the photos in Adobe Camera Raw and fixed the exposure using fill light, blacks, recovery and clarity. I adjusted the levels in Elements, and then I ran Pioneer Woman's Boost Action on the first one (with the Zing layer turned down to 50%). On the second I used Pioneer Woman's Colorized action, at a lower opacity. On the third I used CoffeeShop's Soft & Dreamy Action, but changed the colour from purple to blue and lowered the opacity. Then I mixed in an extremely low opacity of the Heartland action.

The Mother of all Birthday Posts

It's hard to believe my baby is one, but there it is. Here is a HUGE post dedicated to that HUGE event. I'm cheating and backdating this post for his actual birthday (the 15th), since I wasn't done editing then and wanted all the birthday photos all together. This post is a combination of shoots. I apologize in advance for the sheer volume of photos here.

The Balloon Shoot
We used one of these photos on a huge birthday card that everyone signed at his party.

The Party
We had his party early. It was a family backyard barbecue hosted by my aunt (since we live in a tiny apartment).

Obsessed with trying to get into the cooler.
With Gran Gran.

My cousin Wendy and her pretty baby Makayla Christabelle.

Clapping while everyone sang happy birthday.
The Birthday Trip to the Zoo

Butterfly Convervatory.

On his birthday, Moses started saying "Ooooh" when he sees something interesting. Here's him "Ooohing" at the Rhinos. So cute.

You can really see his birthday shirt here :)

A big mirror that we took our photo in.

The Toronto Zoo has a huge Splash Pad where we went to cool off.

First Taste of Cake
By the time we had cake at his party, it was past his bedtime and he was too tired to want to try anything new. So on his actual birthday he had his first piece of cake. We will do a formal smash cake shoot tomorrow, but we wanted to just enjoy this moment and not subject him to a photo shoot, so here are a few snapshots.

Happy Birthday, Baby! Many more to come! We love you!

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