Fix-it Friday


For the first edit, I cropped in closer. Then I adjusted the white balance in Adobe Camera Raw, then warmed up the temperature because she was looking kind of blue. I adjusted the levels to brighten and make the colours pop, and then I ran the Boost action at a low opacity to add a little more oomph, turning off the crispiness and zing layers. I ran an unsharp mask and then ran noiseware.

The Result:


Black and White:

Day 223: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Bathtime! Excuse the skin tones, I'm having consistency issues.

Day 222: The Breakfast Club

Day 221:

I love his eyes in these ones. Taken outside.

Day 220:

Day 219: Playground

Fix-it Friday



I straightened this picture out, and then cropped. I lightened the whites of his eyes a little and used MCP's touch of light action to lessen some of the shadows on the right side of his face. Then I converted to black and white using a gradient map, did a duplicate layer and selected hard light to make it pop some more, and then ran noiseware.

Day 218: Happy Boy


Day 217: Just hangin' Around

Day 216: Fun with Mum & Loves his Lovey

Calin took this one of us in the tub, and I did the edits. I just cropped and fixed the white balance on the first one, and then for the second one I used Coffeeshop's Creamy Chocolate Black and White action, but I deleted the creamy layer. I ran noiseware on both of them because they were pretty grainy.

We got Moses a Lovey to sleep with at night. Here he holding it. The room is actually completely dark in this picture, but I took it using the lightcoop.

Day: 215

He's getting so good at walking. Here's him running around on the balcony, in a shirt that happens to match the mats on the ground. I wish I hadn't chopped off his arms, but what can ya do?

Day 214:

Moses loves books and brings them to us to read to him.

Day 213: Walker Rocker

We went to the park with our play group. Moses enjoyed running towards the stroller, using it as a walker, and then crawling back to me and leaving it behind :)

Day 212: Marci's Baby Shower

I went to my cousin's baby shower on Saturday and of course, I had to bring my camera.

There were 150.

Krystal and her baby.

My cousin's adorable baby Makayla.

Opening Gifts.

The hostess Yolanda read the cards while Marci opened her gifts.
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