Week Four: January 21 to 28: Caution--Boys at Play

Week 3: January 14-21

Black and White backlighting:

January 7-14. Week 2/52.

Sledding Fun:


Handsome Hubby:

January 1-7. Week 1/52: Fun with bath crayons!

Moses got bath crayons in his Christmas stocking, and he loves to scribble in the tub. He took a quick break to give me some smiles, though.

New Challenge

Okay. So last year I attempted Project 365, and failed around day 290. But I tell myself I didn't REALLY fail, because I did 79% of the photos, so technically that's a B. Go me! LOL. Anyway. . .

This year I am setting the bar much lower and attempting Project 52 Weeks. I definitely take a photo a week, no question, so unless things get completely out of control over here I should be able to keep up. The challenge will be actually blogging them, but I do want to do that so at the end of the year I can make a Blurb book of my photos and the stories behind them.

I also need to show off my latest photography-related DIY project: A camera bag!

I got the bag at H&M, and converted using padding, fabric, and a glue-gun.

The Supplies:

The Result:

Okay. Let the 2011 photo challenge begin!
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