May 31: Mmmmelon

Yeah, it's noisy. My ISO had to be through the roof to get the lighting right.

Edited to add:
I kind of hated the edit on the above picture, and even though its just a snapshot it was bothering me, so I re-did it. And here's a couple others from yesterday.

May 30: The Holy Grail

I FINALLY got a somewhat decent picture of Moses standing. Yes, its just a snapshot, and I probably shouldn't have cut off his toes, but its the best I've got. And I've been trying for well over a month to get one that didn't totally blow, so I'm happy.

Editing Challenge:





May 29: Why I'm glad we don't have stairs

Moses climbed a LOT of stairs today by himself. Calin was right behind him, but he managed to get all the way up to the sixth or seventh step without any help. Thankfully we only have to deal with this when we're at my mom's house--I have a feeling that if we had stairs I'd be a lot more stressed out!

May 28:

May 27: crazy face

This is my new favourite of Moses. I love his face.

May 26: Mommy group fun

We went to the playground at the lake with our mom's group on Wednesday. I couldn't get any pictures of Moses because he REFUSED to let me put him down, even for a second. He wouldn't go on the swings, on the splash pad, nothing. So here are a couple pics of another mama's kids.

Fix-it Friday


Edit 1:

Edit 2:

May 25: First Maternity Shoot

Annalise Sarah Abigail is due in September! Here are some photos of the mom and dad to be. Thanks to Marci and Orett for letting me practice on you!

May 24: Shoot for the Moon

ISO 400, 1/400, f 5.6, hand held

May 23

May 22: Why I NEED the Tamron 28-75mm

I have yet to be able to capture Moses standing. He has been standing on his own for awhile now, but I can never get a decent picture of it. That is why I NEED the Tamron 28-75 mm. I have three lenses. I have the craptastic kit lens that came with my camera. The pictures aren't sharp and it doesn't do well unless the lighting conditions are perfect. Then I have my 70-300 telephoto lens, which is great for outdoor pictures but bites the big one for indoor pictures. And there's my 50 mm 1.8 lens, which is nice and sharp in low light, but does not zoom. That is no good. Because it is just about impossible for me to avoid chopping limbs with that lens. When I try to get a photo of something where someone's whole body NEEDS to be in the frame, I just can't do it in our weeny little apartment.
These are all straight out of the camera, because when you can't get everything in the frame, what's the point of editing? *sigh*

Exhibit A: Not only is his head chopped off (which could be fine), but also part of his foot. Awesome.

Exhibit B:

I backed up to get rid of the limb chop on his foot, and oh look, he has no face. Thaaaat's great.

Exhibit C:

Adjusted once again, pretty sure I'm standing on the couch in the furthest corner of the room at this point. Head is back, lost an entire foot and part of a leg. Good times.

Exhibit D:

On my tip toes on the couch. We've got the foot back and MOST of the head. . .

Exhibit E:

We've got his whole body, finally, but he has now lost interest in standing for me. This happens constantly. By the time I go through the gymnastics necessary to frame the photo properly, he's done whatever it was he was doing and onto the next thing.

Well, his whole body is definitely in this one. Unfortunately, the standing is over. He fell on his bum, and he's none too happy about it. Poor guy.

Thankfully, Daddy was there to swoop in and pick him up.

Alright. I decided to edit this one, because I LOVE this "I just fell face."

May 21: 10 Month Pics

Fix-it Friday



To edit this photo in Photoshop Elements 6:
I used Coffeeshop's Squeaky Clean action to clean it up.
Then I adjusted the colour for skin tone using the dropper tool. The colour looked a little cool after that, so I warmed it up with the temperature slider.
Then I used:
Coffeeshop's Little Perk
Pioneer Woman's Bring Out The Eyes
Coffeeshop's Butterscotch Vintage at 21% opacity.
The eyes were still a little shadowed, so I lightened the shadows.
Then I ran at unsharp mask at 75% for the amount, Radius of 2 and Threshold of 3.
I used Noiseware to get rid of the grain.
And Voila :)

May 20: Backlit evening walk

May 19: Texture

Still working on effectively using texture.

May 18: Flutterby

May 17/2010: Stray Cat

I wish I hadn't cut off his tail, but Calin was in my way. By the time I managed to move around him to get the whole cat in the frame, it was gone :(

May 16/2010: Quack, Quack

A mama with her babies.
Did you know that Canada geese mate for life?

Look at them playing!

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