April 30 (Day 118)

Fix-it Friday

I heart faces.



I don't think this photo really needed much. I just cropped, did some curve adjustments and rounded the corners. Voila. Oh, and I also added vignette.

April 29 (Day 117)

April 28 (Day 116): Blue Eyed Boy

My husband has very blue eyes.

And this is what he looks like when he's being silly with Moses.

April 27: Waterless bath

We went to visit my mom today. And I put Moses in the tub in the bathroom there, because our bathroom gets ZERO natural light but theirs has lots of big windows. Moses had fun at first, but then he decided that being in a tub without water was kind of dull, and demanded to get out. I also got a photo of this really pretty conch shell that I think has gone from house to hosue with them ever since I was a kid. I used to try to hear the ocean in it.

Okay, so I seem to be having a hard time remember what day it is, because I don't post every day. So I think from now on I"m going to switch my dating to the actual date, rather than a number.

Day 114:

In honour of Elijah.

An Angel in the book of life,
Wrote  down a baby's birth.
Then whispered as she closed the book. . .
"Too beautiful for earth".

Day 112/113

Moses and Gran Gran. They're happy and they know it.

I didn't take this one. Today I was working on toggle focusing and Moses was moving too much, so the only pictures I took today were of random objects around the house. Didn't think you'd want to see those, so here's one that Calin took of Moses and I.

Day 111: Buckets of Fun

I got a new prop today. Moses is a bit grouchy, but he did let me try it out for a couple minutes before he crawled away. I used my 50 mm lens because its the only one that's good in low-light, but I couldn't back up enough so I didn't get the entire barrel in the photo. I need a good zoom lens. I can't wait til I can get the Tamron 28-75mm, but I'll probably be saving for awhile :/

I'm getting a green color cast from the bed. . .I really need to work on white balance.

Day 110: Underbite?

Looks like someone might have an underbite. Better start saving for braces. Still a cute smile, though :)

Day 109:

Day 108: Trip to the Library

Day 107: Backlighting

I quickly tried out backlighting on our evening walk. I didn't have as much time to work on my settings as I wanted because someone (Read: Calin) just wanted to walk to the store and not pose for a million pictures. Unheard of. Anyway, this is what I got. I took some on manual, those weren't good, then I switched to no flash mode before someone (Read: Calin) took my head off. What settings do you use for successful backlighting? I can't wait to get out and try again. I'm also pretty sure these are all OOF. Ugh.

Day 106: Swings, take two

I took Moses back to the park for more swing photos. We went earlier in the day this time and the shadows weren't as harsh, though they're still somewhat unfortunate on some of the pictures. I also tried to get more full body shots and different angles this time as suggested by people on my photography board. I chopped a couple limbs here and there, but I'm honestly not too concerned about it. I'm not sure how I'd be able to get any photos where I'm closer to him without chopping off a finger or toe here and there--swings are fast. I read in a book on portraits that if you need to chop a limb, you should just make sure that it isn't at a joint, and I think I managed to avoid that. What do you think? Calin took the first one.

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Day 105: Thick as Thieves ;)

A couple snapshots of Moses with his dad.

Day 105: Moses and Grangran

We went to visit my mom today. Moses and her hung out on the deck. Good times.

Fix-it Friday

It's fix-it Friday over at i heart faces. I have never participated in this editing challenge before, but I thought I'd give it a try. As you know, I've been working on my black and white conversions, so I thought I'd b/w this one. Feel free to let me know if you think it's muddy.



Day 104: Flower Power

Day 103: Love ya like a sister

My sister Rachael let me practice my photography on her. I think these turned out pretty well. Constructive cristicism welcome.

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