New Ones of my Little Guy

He still loves the swings :)

He is getting so independent. He loves climbing all over the playground equipment all by himself.

The t-shirt reads "and that's when I snapped." I love it :)

I also love wide-angle distortion.

We got Moses his first camera. Calin is showing him how it's done.

Just like mommy.

So silly.

Grade: F

Clearly I fail at this. First I kept taking pictures every day but just not uploading them, then I just stopped taking a picture a day. I've just been so frustrated trying to get pictures of my Monster Child, who becomes more and more difficult to photograph every day. I've also been having issues with my camera, though I don't really have the cash right now to send it in and get it fixed. Random error messages = no fun. Finally, I'm really feeling the limitations of my 50mm 1.8 in this teeny, tiny apartment. I feel like I'm just taking the same close-up shots over and over, because I can't zoom out and I have no room to back up. It's been quite vexing to say the least. At the beginning of September I ordered the Tamron 28-75. I knew I was taking a chance, because when they're good they're very, very good, but when they're bad...

I wound up getting a bad copy, which was SO FRUSTRATING. I filled out the paperwork to send it in, and they will either adjust it for me, or send me a new one. I haven't sent it in yet because things have been crazy over here, but I don't have time to go into that right now.

Anyway. I don't want to completely give up on the project, even though I technically fail. So think of this as me auditing a class, rather than taking it for credit. I only have to do the work I actually want to do :p
And I've decided that for me, now, project 365 is no longer about taking a photo a day for a year, but instead about capturing this year. I can still do that through photos without forcing myself to take a post a picture every day. I'm sure that seems like a cop-out, but this was a voluntary project, and if I'm no longer enjoying it and no longer getting anything out of it, then it seems stupid to keep doing it just to say that I did.

I promise I'll have some recent photos up soon. Right now there's a DVD in the player and a bowl of hot popcorn waiting for me ;)
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