New Challenge

Okay. So last year I attempted Project 365, and failed around day 290. But I tell myself I didn't REALLY fail, because I did 79% of the photos, so technically that's a B. Go me! LOL. Anyway. . .

This year I am setting the bar much lower and attempting Project 52 Weeks. I definitely take a photo a week, no question, so unless things get completely out of control over here I should be able to keep up. The challenge will be actually blogging them, but I do want to do that so at the end of the year I can make a Blurb book of my photos and the stories behind them.

I also need to show off my latest photography-related DIY project: A camera bag!

I got the bag at H&M, and converted using padding, fabric, and a glue-gun.

The Supplies:

The Result:

Okay. Let the 2011 photo challenge begin!



Ohhh this is gorgeous! Make me one! Pretty pleaseeeee!


Ein Schwerpunkt im Familienladen 24 ist die Freizeitgestaltung für die ganze Familie. Ein schönes Familienleben gibt Kraft für den Alltag und hilft, die kleinen und großen Schwierigkeiten des Lebens zu meistern.

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