Day 89: The Husband

Day 88: Vintage Rose


To get this effect, adjusted the curves, ran an unsharp mask, lowered the saturation, added vertical noise, upped the levels and added a bloom effect at 5% opacity.

Day 87:

Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
My new telephoto macro lens came the other day, so I bought myself some flowers to practice my macro photography. To edit this I adjusted the saturation, lightened the colour, cropped and then flipped it because it was upside down.

Day 86: Silhouette

Day 85: The Opening of the Gifts

I got Calin ROME on DVD for his birthday. He has wanted this series for YEARS, so he was very excited. Moses got him a card with Monster from the Muppets on the front, because Moses's nickname is Monster and he LOVES the Muppets. I did take pictures on day 85, but I don't feel like posting any of them, so here are a few from day 84. Nothing special, but I like the moment they capture.

Day 84: Happy Birthday Calin

Today is my husband's 25th birthday, and I wanted to get some photos for him as part of his present. Moses was NOT cooperative at all, and every few shots my camera would get an error message and I'd have to turn it off and then back on to get it to work. SOOO frustrating, I missed a lot of good shots because of that :( So most of these are pretty much outtakes, but Calin loved them anyway, and I guess that's all that matters. To get Moses to even consider staying still, we have to give him something to play with, so I gave him some of his Dad's stuff to add to the theme of the photo. He's also wearing a onesie from his Dad's college.

Day 83: Sunny f/16

I tried out  the rule that says in direct sun, if you set your f/stop to 16 and your ISO and shutterspeed are set to the same thing, you photos will be perfectly exposed. Calin wasn't willing to stop walking while I was doing this, so its far from greatness, but at least I know the rule works.

Then Calin took this one of me. I just noticed that he chopped off my arm. Boo lol.

Day 82: Water

Day 81:

Another exersaucer picture. But look! Moses is standing OUTSIDE of it! He is pulling up on everything these days and getting pretty sturdy on his feet.  He's even got enough balance to hold onto the exersaucer with one hand and reach for a snack with the other.

Day 80: Have a Star Buck

We went to Starbucks. Good times.

Photo by Daddy.

Day 80: Batch Editing

One of my goals was to learn how to batch edit, so that I could cut down my editing time and have my photos come out more consistent. I downloaded photoscape because it has batch editing capabilities, and GIMP does not. So my plan is to do basic edits in Photoscape (which doesn't have as many editing tools as GIMP and doesn't give as much control), and then do any fine-tuning or additional edits in GIMP. That way the photos will be consistent in white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. At least I hope so. Today I tried it out with this set of photos. I shot these in terrible light at night, and they were really grainy because my ISO had to be really high, so I decided to just go with it. I adjusted the brightness and contrast, etc, and then added a vignette and ran Antique Photo Action # 4.



I'm not sure I like the whole antique finish thing, but I was experimenting :)

Day 79: Hangin' in my Crib

I realized I didn't have any photos of Moses in his crib, so he was kind enough to pose for me.

EDIT: I added more. He was just too cute to limit it to just a few ;)

Day 78: Nature Walk

We went for a walk through the nature preserve and I got these photos of Moses and Calin.

Day 77:

So I forgot to watermark the third one, and I definitely chopped limbs in all of these. Oh, well. I took a ton of pictures and in a lot of them he wasn't even in the FRAME, so I guess I'll just have to be a limb chopper until he's old enough that I can bribe him to sit still.
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