Day 57: Generations + new watermark

Moses was lucky enough to have his grand parents and great grandparents come and visit him from Calgary for the first time this weekend. Here is the photo of him and his grandparents sizing each other up. Straight out of the camera. Also, check out my new watermark. It was a HUGE pain trying to figure out how to make that brush in GIMP--that program is free for a reason! It was worth it, though, because now I can just edit and upload the pictures directly from my computer instead of editing in GIMP, uploading in picnik to watermark, and then saving to the computer and then the blog. It was taking forever. Next project: figuring out the batch edit. Day 58 and 59 coming as soon as I have a minute to upload those pictures!

Day 56: Snow Shadow

Day 55: Beautiful Face

I wish I hadn't cut off his chin. :/

Day 54: Moses and Daddy

I tried to do some vintagey editing today. It's a little inconsistent, but I think I did okay!

Day 53: View From Above

I took some pictures from above of Moses playing in his pack n play.

Day 52: 7 Months Old

I tried to get 7 month pictures of Moses, but he would NOT sit still and kept playing with the alphabet blocks. Sigh. It was pretty much impossible. This was the best I could do.

Day 50: Birthday Party Fun

Today we took Moses to his first birthday party. It was fun. Here are some pictures:

Moses sleeping in the car on the way there.

Baby Lucas, the birhday boy's little brother and his Dad.

They had a baby area set up, and Moses got to go in a Jumperoo for the first time. He loved it! I feel a little guilty that we don't have one for him. . .

Baby Lucas and his aunt.

The birthday boy opening gifts.

Moses playing with Lucas. They liked each other!

The cake.

The airborn Diego pinata. Poor Diego.

Joshua and Lucas.

Moses Nomming on a soccer ball.

After cake everyone went outside to play.

After I edited and uploaded all of these, I realized I forgot to watermark them. I am far too lazy to go back and do each one and then re-upload them. Oh, well. I really need to create a watermark brush and start batch editing, too.

Day 46, 47, 48, 49

We are all really sick (again), so that's why when I've been uploading pictures I haven't been adding any commentary to them. I'm just too exhausted. It's also why sometimes I go a bunch of days without adding any pictures to the blog, though I have still been taking a picture a day. Here's the latest batch:

Day 46:

Day 47:

Day 48:

Day 49:

Finally caught up! Whew!

Day 45: Valentines Day

I shamelessly stole this idea from this blogger. Note how much better the original is than the copy.

Day 44: A tooth is coming!

Day 43: Whales and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Day 42

Day 41: Looking Over Your Shoulder

Day 40: Holding Daddy's Hand

Day 39:

Look who can climb!

Day 38:

Day 37:. . .And I'll Cry if I Want To

Moses was crying today. I tried to catch the tear and his wet eyelashes. I like the black and white version better, though you can't really see the tear in it as well as in the colour.

Day 36: Peek a Boo

Moses was playing on the ground under his dad's legs.

Day 35: Little Drummer Boy

We took Moses to his first Kindermusik class today. He loved it and didn't want to let go of the sticks the entire time. No flash was used in any of these.

This was taken in the car on the way there. I know I do a lot of car seat pictures, but the lighting is always great. He unfortunately has a strand of my hair on his face.

Playing with the wooden sticks.

Day 34: Frustration

Today has been a frustrating day, photography-wise. I took Moses to a playgroup for the first time and wanted to get some shots of him playing, but he just clung to me the whole time. I took some outdoor photos in RAW and realized that my computer needed me to download some special viewer for me to be able to see them, and then I found a bunch of other pictures that I apparently took in RAW without knowing it. The good thing is I was able to capture the snow falling today, and I was actually able to to do awhile back but because I couldn't see those files on my computer I didn't know that some of the photos actually turned out the way I wanted them to. I managed to figure out how to view the RAW files (finally) and wanted to post them here, but I can't figure out how to upload them to my image hosting site. . .or how to upload them to GIMP for editing. Sigh. So, until I figure that out, here's a photo that I took of Moses today at playgroup. He wasn't thrilled that I was taking his picture. I added vignette.

Day 33: Sunrise, Sunset

And a cheesy edit as a bonus, just because:

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